Time to say goodbye :(

Hey guys,

I hope you are doing wonderful in the first sunny day after a few terrible rainy DUTCH SUMMER DAYS (DUUUH?!) 😀

Unfortunately I will no longer write blogs due to less and less time available.

My plan for now is to graduate (if possible), only GOD (i.e. my supervisor) knows if that’d happen 😀 The coming months will be tough for me because I currently work on my thesis (not very intensively though). That’s because it’s summer.. the mood for studying doesn’t really come very easy, BUT ALSO because I went on vacation. My vacation was to the FAROE ISLANDS, STUNNING nature, wilderness and you feel so tiny and you feel as if you’re in the middle of a documentary on National Geografic 😀 See the puffin photos at the end of the post. We saw hundreds and hundreds of these tiny and funny-walking birdies on the island of Mykines. They are simply FASCINATING and if you ever get the chance, really.. VISIT Faroe, it’s unforgettable, you just need to be willing to do hiking and you will create yourself some unforgettable memories. Once in a lifetime experience ♥

Besides that I also self-prepare with a few courses that I do not take for credits, but whose lectures I watch in Collegerama and white their assignments. I need that in order to be able to work on my thesis more effectively (i.e. fill knowledge gaps).

Not only this, but I do work part-time for a friend that organizes events (as I’ve mentioned before too) and now he also asked me to help with a booking agency he has with 10 DJs in there, so I just started doing this too. But that luckily doesn’t include too much work (less than 2-3h a week, maybe).

But the good news is that last week I already signed a contract as a Software Engineer with a company and I am supposed to start on February 1st. As you can imagine, this makes my graduation critical as if I do not graduate by then (which btw entirely depends on me, I realize that), means that I’d have to postpone the beginning date or hopefully I won’t be crazy enough to just say “whatever” and start working for the company and leave the university with just one more course to take..

So I wish you, guys, all the best from now on with the university, maybe I will see you around, I expect to be around at least until Feb, which makes my MSc 2.5y, sadly..

Write comments to share your own plans for the next semester / year 🙂 I’d be happy to hear from you too 🙂

P.S. Oh, btw I got a new hobby: looking after VENUS FLY TRAPS, or FLY-EATING PLANTS, my so called pet-plants and they are so FUNNY ♥ They close their “mouth” when an insect goes in their “mouth”, i.e. trap. The insect can’t escape and when it moves, it touches 6 tiny hairs inside of the trap which triggers it in the first place (so it closes) and makes it seal so it can digest the insect. 😀 Many people think this is disgusting, but I think it’s fascinating. So I definitely will keep on doing my hobby as well 😀 Goodbye from my pet-plants as well 😀 


And some nice photos from my vacation, so I can convince you to visit these remote islands in the North Atlantic Ocean ♥ 

Isn’t this PURE HAPPINESS? 😀 Just look at their faces ♥ 



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Everyone is graduating

Hey guys,

I’m not that happy anymore. 🙁 Everyone is graduating. This is good for them.. but not too much for me..  Read more »

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Learning Dutch is not easy..

Hey guys,

Today I’d like to talk to you about whether you should or should not learn Dutch in case you decide to stay in the Netherlands once you’re done with your studies. First of all, Dutch is a HARD language for someone like me who has never studied any Germanic language (besides Eng). I’ve studied Italian, French a bit and ofc English. But never German, which definitely helps you with Dutch as well. At least during my TU Delft Dutch classes we’ve studied a few times with German people and they seemed to have no trouble whatsoever with Dutch. At least with the grammar, since it is almost the same. Even though I am good with languages in general, meaning it’s sort of easy for me to understand the grammar, just not to remember words.. I am quite shy speaking it with natives, I constantly feel weird that I would not understand them or I’d say some crappy thing that they’d laugh a lot at. Read more »

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The reason to move to NL :)

I was wondering what to talk to you about and I think it’s finally the time to tell you about the reason I came to the Netherlands which brought me later to TU Delft which I really really love studying at. Read more »

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The inspiring story of Willem Louis van der Poel

THIS IS SO AWESOME, I need to share it with you ASAP! 

Hi guys,

So yes, you might be (naturally) wondering who is this person and why am I even sharing this with you.. wait for it..

Read more »

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Thesis & Lit.Survey / Seminar


Hey guys,

I hope you are doing well!

Are you already graduating or just starting your studies? Either way there are a few stuff you should NOT do based on my won experience and I’d like to share these with you.
Read more »

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Working & Communicating with Different “Cultures”

(Paint Skills highly improved!)

Cypriot, Romanian, Chinese, Bulgarian and (flying head) Icelandic (Paint Skills highly improved!)

Hey guys,

Happy new 2017! I hope you had amazing holidays with your family and friends =)

Most of you have already experienced this, but still, I’d like to talk a bit about working in teams in general and especially in mixed teams in terms of nationality and gender. Depending on the country and culture you come from, communicating with guys, being a girl, might be difficult or unusual for you, or maybe even the same with girls, being a guy. Surely, IT is a field where majority of people is guys and especially in Delft University of Technology, there are many internationals and you don’t always get to choose your own group to work on assignments, but rather you’re assignment to one.  Read more »

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Looking for a Job in the Netherlands?

Are you a student of Computer Science (or anything else) and looking for a Job of internship?


A Job Fair is being organized in the university, it is called De Delftse Bedrijvendagen (DDB) and includes a lot of tech companies looking for students with all sorts of background. The fair is organized in a few stages while all of the Fair programme takes between 1 and 3 months. In order to participate you pay €10 for the whole event, which for all the job they do, is really nothing.

Read more »

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First steps in Delft and The Netherlands


First thing when you move to the Netherlands or every new country / city is to look around your place of living and to find out where to do grocery shopping, what transportation can you find, how to find your way to your university or work place and how to travel in and out of your town. Same is valid for newcomers to Delft and Delft University of technology.

Maybe you’ve noticed,  Read more »

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